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Circumcision- "Conservative" mohel

Rabbi Ari ShvatShevat 13, 5774
Shalom Rabbi My daughter is having a baby boy soon however her husband wanted a doctor to do the circumcision My daughter is using a doctor/Mohel who is doing the circumcision. However the problem is he is a conservative Jew and does an orthodox circumciscion. I see this is not normal since if he is not shomer shabbat according to halahca would the circumciscion not be valid and what problems does this present This is causing problems of Shalom bayit with my family and myself, do you know what I should do Thank you very much
Shalom and Mazal Tov! Within the "Conservative" movement there is a very wide range of Jews, some of them who are close to Reform, while others, include shomrei Shabbat Orthodox Jews who for various reasons, found themselves in the Conservative movement. As a generalization, the latter are more often found among the older element, who may have been students of Rabbi Prof. Saul Lieberman, who was Orthodox but unfortunately (for personal reasons) taught at the Conservative Jewish Seminary. This in no way condones or supports the Conservative movement, but in your touchy situation, and being that you're short on time, I suggest immediately contacting the Orthodox rabbi closest to their community who would know the mohel involved personally and voice an accurate opinion. With Love of Israel, Rav Ari Shvat
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