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Watch that stops when no light

Various RabbisIyyar 16, 5773
A follow up question on the eco-drive watch. My eco-drive watch I purchased has a feature that the second hand stops moving if it is not exposed to light for 30 minutes, and returns to work when exposed (the hour and minute hand still moves) Is it ok to wear the watch on shabbos? I notice when I get up shabbos morning, and my hand was under the blanket, the second hand was not working. Thanks and Moadim L’Simcha
Once there was a watch manufactured in Japan, that human movements gave it the power to work. Since it is a "Grama" and you do not not notice that the person does something, he is allowed to wear it on Shabat. It seems that also with this watch, what the person does is visible, and he does not really prevents stopping, so its allowed. Rabbi Dov Lior
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