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carrying a gun on Shabbos in USA


Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Elul 12, 5773
Bs"d You write "In a case where it is necessary one can be lenient and carry arms". How does 1 determine if it is "a case where it is necessary"? We live in a pleasant community in suburban Milwaukee, Wi. & a number of men have begun to carry loaded weapons to Shul on Shabbos. Kol Tuv, labe
A case where it is necessary, where I mentioned that one can be lenient and carry arms where there is an Eruv as per the law of a Keli Shemelachto L'Heter. It can be for example where one has no safe place to store the weapon and he would like to go out to Shul (synagogue). There can be many other examples and in case of any question one should turn to his local rabbi. Regarding the men carrying arms in your Shul, it is advisable to turn to the local rabbi with this issue, as I'm not familiar with your Eruv situation, with your security situation, with the local needs and I do not know the people involved.
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