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Name change or addition suggestion


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar 10, 5783
Hello, my name is. Nikolin, I go by Niko for friends and family. I much respect all jewish culture and as i see it i can feel the connection with God. Im not of jewish heritage, but my soul is . I was born on the 11/21/1993 at 5 30 in the morning, If there is any particular holy names or attributes that connect with me according to your knowledge id love to hear, I had a very intense and important situation in my life that thanks to God. Has passed. My question is if there is any suggestion for myself for a name change? to be blessed with a new life under adonai protection and any addition to my actual name or any suggestion that you believe according to sacred knowledge and your intuition is much appreciated, If is possibile. My date of birth is 11/21/1993 , Full name is Nikolin Gega Thank you very much
Hello Niko, I'm glad that, thank God, you have weathered and passed your recent challenge. But being that you are not Jewish, there is no need for a name-change. Nevertheless, if you'd like, you can choose any Hebrew name which speaks to you, perhpas if you wish, one that expresses your thanksgiving and connection with God (e.g. Yonatan (the original form of Jonathan, or Netanel (the original form of Nathaniel), both of which mean: God has given [life and many gifts, etc.). You can find many lists and their translations via Google. Just to be sure, being that not all of these sites are reliable, if you'd like, you can send my your suggestion, and I can verify for you it's translation and inference. All the best!
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