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How Can We Justify Israel & the Solution to Peace w/ Arabs


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 9, 5781
How can we explain & justify Israel & what’s the solution to peace with the Arabs in the Middle East?
History and logic show that it's unwise and immoral to give in to a violent person, nation or religion, but rather, defend one's self when attacked. In addition, decisions should be based upon truth and ideals, who has the rights to the Land of Israel? Whether one decides who owns the land by who was here first (the Jews were in Israel 2,000 years before Islam even began!), or if you decide by the current modern situation, either way, the rights to Israel belongs to the Jews. What logic is there to only look at that temporary middle period when the Jews were forcibly exiled from our land before 1948?! The original and best plan, for both Arabs and Jews, was that of Baron Rothschild and the Jewish National Fund (JNF), to buy the land, "acre after acre", and that way we fulfill the covenant of God with Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, to inherit the Land of Israel in a peaceful way, where both sides benefit. What ruined the plan was when the Arabs in the 1920's issued a "death penalty" on any gentile selling land to Jews. This racist and immoral vigilante "penalty" stands to this very day, so that even though most Arabs would be more than happy to be millionaires (the price is exorbitant because the Israelis really want to buy it at any price) and solve the Middle East problems, they can't allow themselves to do so, because of those Islamic fanatics, who would kill their own brothers. There are thousands of acres left empty because they are too close to Jewish lands and pose a security risk for that aforementioned terror towards Jews, but the unfortunate Arabs can't sell us the land, for fear of their own brothers' fanaticism. Just as Islamic terror is a world-wide problem, so it is in Israel as well, and only a Jew-hater would stubbornly differentiate and here, they blame the democratic peace-loving victim, rather than the fanatic Muslim aggressors. The maps have changed several times over the last 73 years, because the Arabs tried several times to belligerently push Israel into the sea, and our only "sin" is that we successfully defend ourselves with the abundant help of the God of Israel. I think that anyone objective, who believes in freedom and democracy and opposes terrorism and racism, realizes who is the problematic party in the Middle East and is the obstacle to peace, as opposed to who is the victim, and what is the mutually beneficial solution. BTW, if your friend doesn't understand this, don't waste any more time on him for you don't stand "an ice-cube's chance in hell" of changing his anti-Semitic leaning, unless he's Jewish, where eventually there's a good chance that logic may register even if he's been brain-washed by the non-objective Jew-hating press. With Love of Israel, Rav Ari Shvat
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