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Purchasing a book after Alot Hashachar

Hi, I know this question might sound odd, but I know that if we stay up all night learning Torah, and then comes alot hashachar, we must stop what we’re doing to say birkat hatorah and then continue. So I was learning late last night and I found two books online to help me learn Torah, and as I clicked purchase I realized that it was just past alot hashachar. I know that this bracha is for Torah study, but since we say in it, laasok bedivrei Torah, does it also include things relating to Torah study? Like buying books? Granted this wasn’t a Chumash, it was a book to help study Megillah and a second on good parnasa by the students of Rabbi Nachman, but I was wondering if I had done something wrong by the fact that I ordered it after alot hashachar and before I made new brachot....
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Ordering books online is not an act of learning Torah, and does not need a blessing to be said over it. Blessings.
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