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Tehillim for a deceased parent


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tammuz 8, 5773
Which Tehillim is recited for a deceased parent? My father died June 2005 and I want to recite the correct Tehillim for him while lighting a candle.
There are special Tehillim said when visiting the grave. Chapters 33,16,17, 72,91,104 and 130. Afterwards, one recites from chapter 119 ( which is composed of 8 verses for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet) the sections which spell the name of the deceased. Following that, from the same chapter, the sections which spell the word נשמה are recited. Then there are some other additions to be said which appear in some siddurim. If you will not be visiting the grave, I am not aware of any special Tehillim to be said. It is customary to learn Torah in memory of the deceased so you may choose something you want to learn in your father's memory. May you father's memory be for a blessing
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