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Mezuzah scroll


Rabbi David Sperling

Shevat 5, 5781
Hi, I would like to buy a kosher mezuzah parchment scroll. I have a beautiful casing for it, B”H, but it can only house a 2.5” scroll, I have been informed that this is really small....and it is harder for the scribe to write.... Is it still going to be kosher for me to look for a scroll of this size? And with the pandemic and us not going out of the house hardly, or travelling to any Jewish community, I must buy a kosher scroll online. What are the key things I need to look for to ensure that the mezuzah scroll I will buy online will in fact be kosher? And is it ok to purchase it at that small size? (This is my very favourite mezuzah case and I really wanted to use it....) Thank you so much,
Shalom, Thank you for your question. You are correct that writing a very small mezuzah is harder than writing a regular size one. The size you are looking for is at the smallest end of the sizes found on the market today – but they exist. What you need to be aware of when buying a mezuzah is that it comes to you from a reliable scribe. If it was written by someone who was careless (or unscrupulous) the mezuzah can very easily be not kosher. Some of the things that make it not fit are problems that cannot be detected after the fact – for example, the mezuzah must be written from start to finish in order. So if the scribe corrected a letter after having already continued writing, in many cases the mezuzah is invalid, but it may look perfect. I do not want to advertise a particular shop, and buying online can be tricky – however here is one site that I know to be reliable that delivers all over the world – Mezuzah Klaf, Scrolls, Parchments at Here you can see that they sell a 2 ¾ inch mezuzah. They can be contacted via Phone or WhatsApp: + 972.2.538.3701 Blessings
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