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Follow up mezuzah question


Rabbi David Sperling

Shevat 6, 5781
Hi, Thank you so much!!!! That is truly well appreciated! Thank you! I also wanted to ask, this casing is made of metal, does one need to wrap the mezuzah scroll in any material in order to further protect the parchment inside the case? (There is a tiny metal bar in the back to hold the scroll inside the metal, and other than that the scroll would be bare touching the wall, will it be more protected if wrapped in something before being placed inside?) Additionally, I currently live with my parents, but may move out soon and place this mezuzah there. In our own home my father always put up our mezuzahs, but in the place that will be mine, should I put it up, or is it more of a men or rabbi thing to call someone to do for me? Thank you again so much,
Shalom, Thank you for your followup questions. 1. From the letter of the law one does not have to wrap the mezuzah scroll before putting it in the casing that is attached to the doorframe. However, from a practical point of view, one would do well to wrap the mezuzah in “glad-wrap” plastic wrap. This should be done without putting any sticky-tape on the mezuzah itself. Roll the plastic wrap around the mezuzah, fold down the ends and tape them onto the wrapping. This will protect the mezuzah from moisture etc. 2. A woman may (and is obligated) put up a mezuzah. Even though there are some opinions that believe that a man should put the mezuzah up – the standard halacha is that a woman may do this and that there is no difference between a man and a woman in this question. So, in your present house, you can have your farther put the mezuzah up, or you can put it up yourself. When you move to another house by yourself, you will put up your own mezuzahs. As to removing a mezuzah from a door to put it somewhere else, the law is not so simple. When it comes time to move, please write back with details as to who will be using the room (and house) you are vacating – based on that we will be able to advice how, or if, you may remove the mezuzah. Blessings.
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