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L’halacha is it permitted for a frum woman to be a urologist?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. According to halacha a person (both a man and woman) is allowed to professionally be involved in necessary occupations that would otherwise be forbidden for reasons of modesty. For example, a person may become a farmer and have to deal with animal husbandry, even though it is forbidden for a person who is not a farmer to look at animals mating. This is also obviously true in the medical profession – where a doctor may examine and touch parts of the body that are generally covered for reasons of modesty. The halacha understands that someone who is professionally involved in such pursuits does not get drawn away to forbidden thoughts. So, to answer your question – yes, a woman is allowed to study and become a urologist. This is especially true as in many cases women also need to visit a urologist, and they also deserve to have the opportunity to see a female doctor. With all this said – if a woman is in the process of choosing which area of medicine she will enter, and she feels uneasy about going into urology, then that is totally understandable, and her feelings should be respected. I am sure that she will find other areas of medicine in which she can use her abilities to the best and help people to the fullest. Blessings.
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