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Ben Pekuah


Various Rabbis

Sivan 10, 5768
1) I was told by a Rabbi that the Ben Pekuah situation is extremely unusual and therefore unlikely to be found in the stores. I was wondering that today such matters could be arranged and I believe they had such animals in the times of the Gemara. But most importantly there seems to be certain advantages in these animals. So why is such meat not commercially farmed? 2) I wanted to verify a surprising Halacha that I heard said about the Ben Pekuah; that the fats forbidden on all cows sheep and goats are permitted if that animal is a Ben Pekuah. Is this true? Why is this so?
1) Even though a Ben Pekuah really does not need a Shcitah, the custom, Minhag is to Shochet it, only that if there was a problem with the Shchitah the meat is still Kosher. I do not think that selling this animal commercially is worth the effort. If one still wants to sell them, I do not see a problem. 2)There is a special "Limud" that forbids the Ben Pekuah's blood. The fat however is allowed since it does not require Shcitah. Rabbi Dov Li'or
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