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Yichud with doctor


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

18 Elul 5766
I’m a doctor and I was wandering what are the halachot regarding the subject of ichud with patients? Or do patient should better find a doctor from the same sex? (womens just female gynecologist)?
Shalom U'verachah, There are several opinions as to whether a woman can go to a male gynecologist. Some say that as he is involved in his work then he does not think about any personal feelings towards his female patients and therefore it is permitted. Others say that as he knows that he can be sued or may be caught then he is concerned and it is permitted if a nurse or other person can have access. Others only allow it if another person is physically present, and there are opinions that it is forbidden for a woman to go to a male gynecologist especially when dealing with elective procedures. Therefore it is better for a woman to go to a female gynecologist, but this is not available or there is a specific male doctor who is an expert in the particular field it can be permitted and the husband or another person should be present or have access and it is problematic to go to the doctor in a place where this is not available, such as to go to his house or similar. Kol Tuv
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