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Rabbi Gideon Weitzman29 Nisan 5763
Is it halachically acceptable for women to receive a thearpeutic massage from a man? The massage is NOT for life threatening injuries. Only for strained muscles.
Shalom U'vracha It is forbidden for a man and woman to touch in a way that has any closeness. When one of the people is a medical professional and is involved in his/her work there are poskim who allowed this even when it is not a case of pikuach nefesh. Some authorities do not allow this unless in a case of real danger to life. Therefore in the case of a massage it is preferable to look for a female masseur. If this is impossible then there are poskim who allow it if the masseur is a professional, and there is no closeness or other undertones to this connection. In any case this should be avoided unless really neccesary. Kol Tuv Gideon Weitzman
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