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How to remember God without forgetting/distraction


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 24, 5780
How can I think of God constantly? Am I forgiven to be distracted by regular life like taking care of my kids and my husband, my (paid) job and volunteering "job"...
It's very important to stress that the goal of Judaism is to act Godly. When a person raises his/her children, works honestly for a living, volunteers to help others, this is "religious" just like praying. To speak to God is great, but to be like (!) Him in "regular life", is even greater. When you cook for your family, you need not think about God, for if you do, you will be distracted and the food won't come out so well! You should be thinking about doing everything in the best way possible, to make others happy and satisfied. This altruism is being Godly, and is the Jewish way of bringing Godliness into every small aspect of life. In addition, whenever you enter a door, the Mezuza should also serve as a reminder to "I have set God always before me" (Tehilim 16, 8), and similarly, tzitzit are to constantly remind of God's mitzvahs.
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