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Access to security complex ,with concierge on shabbat

Hi there, I am doing the conversion currently and moving to be closer to shul. The place I am moving to has electronic gate access only. The concierge monitors the gate via tv. If I stand at the gate and they let me in, I do not use the tag, will that be fine. There is no key access to my flat at all!
Hi, as long as you have not converted yet it's all permitted obviously. Once you convert it would be impossible to live in this place on Shabbat if every entry and exit to the residential complex would involve violation of the Shabbat. It is prohibited to benefit from any forbidden work which is done by the non-Jewish guard. (Mishnah Berurah 307, 11. Shemirat Shabbat Kehilchatah 30, 4b). Check whether there is a possibility to enter and exit the residential complex without violating the Shabbat. If it is impossible, look for another place to live. It is very convenient to live near a Shul, but not at the expense of desecrating Shabbat. May you have great success in the conversion process. Blessings for coming to dwell under the wings of the Divine Presence!
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