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When Shabbes is Hag, what do we read on preceding weekdays?


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Sivan 11, 5780
Shalom Alaychem in a git vokh I hope you are well, rabbi When Shabbes and Hag overlap, what do we read on the preceding Shabbes Afternoon + Monday/Thursday Mornings? We usually read the first aaliyah of next weeks parsha at that time, but on hag+shabbes we don’t read that parsha. Shkoyach in advance for your answer Brachos
ב"ה Shalom Indeed when Yom tov falls on Shabbat, we don't read in the morning the weekly Parsha but we read the Yom tov reading and the weekly Parsha is postponed until it's Shabbat only. Nonetheless, we keep reading the first Aliya of the Parsha of the Shabbat which will come after Yom Tov until we eventually get to that Parsha on Shabbat. So now we can mention a very interesting statistic, which a colleague of mine pointed out to me. In some years in Chutz la'aretz the first Aliya of Shmini will be read 8 times. It happened 2 years ago in 5778. תשע"ח. Some have written this as a riddle . "If "Shmini comes out on Shmini, we read Shmini (the first Aliya) eight times." This means, if it comes out that we read Shmini (in Eretz Yisrael ) on the Shmini which is the eighth day of Pessach in Chutz La'aretz, Shmini will be read 8 times. How? 1. On Shabbat Hagadol before Pessach, Shmini is read at Mincha. 2 & 3: : First day of Pessach is Shabbat. So, on the Monday and Thursday prior to Pessach, Shmini is read twice. 4. First day of Pessach which is also Shabbat, Shmini is read at Mincha now a fourth time. 5. The 8th day of Pessach will be Shabbat again in Chutz la'arets and Shmini will be read at Mincha a fifth time 6 & 7: The week after Pessach , Shmini will be read on the Monday and Thursday. 8. The Shabbat of Shmini, the first Aliya of Shmini will have been read for the eighth time. All the best
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