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Maftir Torah Readings, and Aliahot


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

19 Tevet 5766
In class, when asked what the most important aliah is, i responded with the maftir. However much to my dismay, my teacher said that not only is it the least important, but also that it does not even have to be said by a Bar-Mitzvah, or it can be said by someone who has had an previous aliah. When asked why, the Rabbi said that It is a repetition of the torah reading, so we are just saying it again, and therefore does carry the importance as a regular aliah, and can therefore be said by a non-barmitzvah. My question is, if you are on the Trieneal cycle, is the same thing true, because you have not already said this specific passage in the days normal torah reading. So therefore can the person that says the Maftir Alliah, be below the Bar-Mitzvah age, and can it be someone that has said a previous aliah.
In the three year cycle, the portions were smaller but the maftir repeated a section previously read, as in the one year cycle.
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