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presious stones in judaims

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanTammuz 28, 5779
Thank you so much and blessings for all you do !! Yasser Koach Gadol ! .... what the idea of wearing jewelry stones, amber and coral in Judaism, what's the idea about it from Tora view? thank you and does it matter wearing same understanding for man and woman?
ב"ה Shalom I am not aware of any significance to these stones in Judaism. Even the stones of the breastplate of the Cohen Gadol, had all their spiritual qualities when worn by the Cohen Gadol through Ru'ach Hakodesh. Though Rabbenu Bachye in his commentary on the Torah (Shemot 28:17) speaks of qualities of the stones on the breastplate, he relied upon popular medieval sources but not on Jewish sources. (See also נר באישון לילה, הרב אבינר עמ' 30) If the person, providing these stones has Jewish sources that speak differently, I would be glad to study them. All the best
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