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challah and prayer


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tishrei 11, 5779
hello when im making challah and i break off the piece can i put it aside and continue davening and praying? i would like to pray for an hour by the challah right after i break off the piece. is that alright? i am so inspired and was at challah bakes 2 weeks in a row and it was so beauitufl. rebbetzin kanivesky was a huge huge suppporter of challah baking and davening. why is this mitzvah so special? i love challah bakes its my favriote favriote thing in the whole world it makes me sooo extremely happy and hopeful and have a strong foundation of emuna in Hashem. I connect with it very much. also anything i can do for yom kippur to take upon myself or elevate myself spiritually a bit?
Great to hear that you're "connecting" with this great mitzva of taking Challa, and that your'e benefiting from the spirituality of it! The more you pray and talk to Hashem the better, just not in between the actual blessing ("Baruch ata..."), and the breaking off of the piece, which should be without interruptions. Regarding accepting upon yourself additional mitzvot, I suggest speaking to the woman in charge of the challa, where you can have a proper face-to-face discussion on this important topic, which is too deep for our limited scope here. May you have a blessed New Year, and may Hashem grant you all your heart's desires for the best!
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