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Meat knife that cut an onion


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

Kislev 21, 5769
Meat knife that cut an onion. The onion was cooked in a dairy pot that was not used within 24 hours. The pot contained some water (not sure if that would make it roasted because of the small amount of water) Lets assume it is still classified as cooking. There is not 60 times the amount of the tam in the onion that came from the knife even with the water in the dairy pot that it was now cooked in. There was a majority of charif taste from the onion. Does the onion which carries the meat taste make the pot a ben yoma?If so, this should render the dairy pot not kosher because it now has a Mixture (ba’luah) in the walls in the dairy pot with a taste of meat from the onion mixed with the taste of dairy from the pot. Is the pot and the onions pot (trayf) no kosher at this point or can we say not bar not? Thank you,
The onion can’t have more meat taste that the knife itself, you therefore need to have less the 60 times against the [metal part of the] knife not the onion [Shach YD 96, 9]. If it is so that you have less than 60 against the knife, the pot needs to be Koshered as it is absorbed of meat and milk taste.
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