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Kashering a mixer


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16 Elul 5767
I have a used kitchenAid mixer (for cake, bread) that was given to me by a relative who may not have followed the laws of kashrut 100%. Can it be kashered so that it can be used? It is only neccesary to kasher the utensils? The dough hook and beater are made from aluminum and coated with polymer(a polyresin coating, ie plastic). The mixing bowl and wire whip are made from stainless steel. As far as I know, the mixer was not used for anything hot or for meat etc. Thank you.
All the pieces that touch food must be immersed in boiling bubbling water (Hagala).They have to be cleaned before immersing. If they have cracks or fissures in them they cannot be Kashered and must be replaced. Rabbi Yosef Weitzen
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