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Lighting Shabbat Candles


Various Rabbis

17 Av 5767
As a single, I frequently encounter the problem of having to light candles for Shabbat without ever seeing them lit on Shabbat itself (I often go out to eat and hang out with friends). I have been recommended to light an electric light that will remain lit over Shabbat-is this preferable than lighting candles that will go out after an hour or two that I will likely not see? Also, if I do use the electric light option, can I use even a bathroom light that will stay on over Shabbat?
There are two reasons for lighting the Shabbat candles: 1. Respect of the Shabbat. 2. So that there will be light in the house on Shabbat night. Regarding the second reason you can light with electricity even in the bathroom but with no Bracha. As for the first reason you should light with long lasting candles that you will see them when you come home. If there is no one lighting in the place were you will eat then light there. Rabbi Yitzchak Grinblat
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