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Burial charge


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

18 Tevet 5767
Kevod HaRav Tabasky, Thank you very much for your answer. Many congregations charge more money for a cemetery plot for non-members. My questions: 1. Is this practice accroding to Halachah? 2. Is is possible to deny burial to a person, if the state or the heirs are not able to pay the extra price? Is the law different, if there is only one cemetery in town. Thank you very much
1. It is permissable to charge more to non members. Burial is a service which demands an outlay of money; one may guarentee a lower price by membership dues and the like. 2. The community should set up a mechanism for burying the destitute. This should be done by the community at large and is not incumbant on a particular burial society, but if there is only one, they will have to set it up. However, the cost should be borne by the community as a whole (if that is possible clearly local rabbinic guidance is necessary to set up the system)/
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