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Mechirat Chametz

Rabbi Jonathan Blass12 Nisan 5766
I am going away for pesach and I have been told that I must still remove the Chametz from the house or lock it away. What is the Halacha if I sell the entire house and contents in Mechirat Chametz, do I still need to clean and what about Bedikat Chametz?
If you sell the Chametz of the entire house but there is a possibility that someone might use the house while you are gone (for example: a neighbor to put up a guest), the Chametz should be shut away where it will not be easily accessible. If no one will be in the house, this is not necessary. If the Chametz of the entire house is sold, there is no Mitzva of Bedika on the house. It is advisable therefore to leave one room unsold, so as to be able to perform the Mitzva in:re to the Chametz of this room, or alternately to conduct the Bedika in your car (if you will be using it during Pesach and have not sold all the Chametz that might be in it). Chag kasher v'sameach!
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