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The Temple Mount


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

27 Tishrei 5763
What are the parameters to be met in order to build the Third Temple? I believe the Israeli goverment should lay down the law in this way to the PA- one more terrorist attack and the Israeli gov’t takes over the Temple Mount and resides over it’s operations. Plain and simple. Thank you for your answers and I appreciate your commitment to our people.
The Rambam writes that there are three commandments that bind the Jewish People upon their arrival in the land of Israel- a) appointing a king. b) destroying Amalek. 3) building the Temple. These commandments must be fulfilled in the order just listed. In other words, the obligation that should occupy us at this time is strengthening Jewish sovereignty and statehood. The building of the Temple is contingent on a return of prophecy because the altar must be built on exactly the right spot- and this can be determined only thru prophecy. The building of the Temple will be an event of eternal importance and not a tactical response such as a "punishment" for actions of the Palestinian arabs. At the same time, it is important to assert Israel's sovereignty over the Temple Mount, regardless of Palestinian behavior.
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