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Teshuva for an Aveira


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

17 Elul 5765
How do i do teshuvah for a particularly serious aveira. chayvei creesus.? i hate the fact that I have not been able to stop from doing this aveira. i keep trying to implement protections against it but they haven;t been working. what should i do?
The Rambam in Hilchot Teshuvah teaches us the way for Teshuvah. There are three stages for Teshuvah; 1. to stop sinning 2. make a decision not to transgress again 3. to be sorry for the past These have to come with verbal confession before Hashem. The main point is the heart; going through the moves without the heart is missing the point. Learning Torah and doing Chessed has a great effect towards becoming a better person and full atonement for ones' sins. There is no sin that can't be removed through Teshuvah.
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