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Dilemma for a Jewish Professional


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

23 Av 5764
I work in a large company that does various forms of investment work. They have a specialty in so-called "Islamic financing", which consists of Shariah-compliant financing vehicles to avoid the Muslim ban on interest. I think that my boss is soon to staff me on one of these deals. I know the Shariah doesn’t say good things about Jews. Further, I know the people who invest in these vehicles usually live in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.--not exactly countries that are friendly to Israel. I’d obviously rather these people not make money as a result of my work. If I am asked to work on one of these deals, and I refuse, I will likely not be promoted at the company. But I’ll feel bad working on deals that are compliant with a code of law that is very anti-semitic. So, Rabbis--assuming I am asked within the next month, what should I do?
There is no clear prohibition in participating in a business deal with an Arab, Muslim, or other gentile suspected of being anti semitic. I can appreciate your discomfort, but you may participate on a professional level in these deals. I also understand that you are not directly profitting from the transaction. You may want to consider a donation to charity (any Israeli cause would be appropriate here), especially if you make a commision.
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