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Keeping Bread Kosher


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

29 Iyyar 5764
I’m a non-Jewish Italian girl. I usually bake bread with a Jewish friend, scrupulously following Kashrut rules. He is now ill, so can’t bake with me, not even come for the gas-oven’s lighting. Would it be possible, in order to keep the bread kosher, to light the oven using a candle, or a piece of wood (a long match for example), he lighted himself? (He lives not far from my home)
Sephardic (Oriental) halachic tradition requires that the Jew actually light the stove that will be used for cooking or baking, while Ashkenazic (European, and most American) tradition allows lighting a candle, pilot light, etc, which can then be used by a non Jew to light the stove. The latter position may be relied upon generally, and certainly in extenuating circumstances.
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