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Tirchat Hatzibbur

Various Rabbis20 Elul 5764
I read a recent response [by Rabbi Chaim Katz] on the topic of "Tirchat Hatzibbur" and I am afraid that I still do not understand it. Can you give some more explanations and/or examples? Also, I looked through the first chapter of Yoma (Gemarra) and did not find any reference—can you tell me which page? Gemarra, Rashi or Tosafot?
Yoma 70:1 (Daf Ain Amud Alef - Gemarra)"Mpinei Kvod Hatzibbur...", see Rashi ibid. You can also take a look at Rashi "Selo Yifsok" on Gemarra of Megilla 24:1. Rabbi Chaim Katz
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