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Shavuot Torah Stats

Some worthwhile facts to know for the upcoming Shavuot 2022 holiday


Rabbi Haggai Lundin

Sivan 4 5782
Some worthwhile facts to know for the upcoming Shavuot 2022 holiday:

Around 30,000 men and women are currently studying in fixed frameworks within the world of Zionist yeshivas and women’s batei midrashot. Another 120,000 men and women learn Torah in the ultra-Orthodox world. This total of approximately 150,000 regular Torah learners are joined by hundreds of thousands in the first circle and millions in the second circle by those who have set times for learning in one way or another. The connection to Judaism is also expressed in the entertainment culture: the most played song in Israel in 2021 is "You are the Cause of the Cause and Reason for the Reason" by Yishai Ribo.

What will the Holiday of Shavuot be like here in 30 years? I am betting on Judaism. The sophisticated on the progressive left also understand this, and that is why they are on the rampage. With the help of God, on Shavuot 2052, the State of Israel will be a traditional-religious state. Do not get upset by the death throes of those who hate Judaism. It's always been like this: they have the money, the media and the power, and we have the spirit. They will try to engineer consciousness, organize their own parades, and hang PLO flags in the lanes of the Ayalon highway, but they cannot stop something that is stronger - the Torah of Israel. For those of them who will have grandchildren, they will find them in 30 years in yeshivas, in batei midrashot, in national service and in the Jewish army.

Have a wonderful Holiday of the Giving of Our Torah! Chag Matan Torah sameach!
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