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Igrot Hare’aya #70

Encouraging Prognosis for the Development of Eretz Yisrael


Beit Din Eretz Hemda - Gazit

Kislev 4 5782
Date and Place: 5 Nisan 5767 (1907)

Recipient: Rabbi Altar Noach Hakohen, the great kabbalist. (Apparently, this is Rabbi Alter Noach Michlensky (Kaiser), who was known as a healer of the sick. He lived and had a following in chutz la’aretz but also had an interest in Eretz Yisrael. He sent some of his family to Eretz Yisrael, some of whom were involved in one of the biggest controversies in pre-state Israel.)

Body: [Ed. note - The letter is written beautifully with many hinted Torah messages to which I cannot do justice in translation in this forum.] Your letter, which was written by your trusted assistant, Rav Y.M. Cohen, as well as two sums of money, have been received.

My heart is joyous, with thanks to Hashem, Who is good, because it appears that the "light of Israel" has begun to shine through our darkness. May the love and desire to build the Holy Land that has started to beat in your heart, my dear friend, be in the hearts of many members of our holy nation, including those who are devoted to your leadership. This will invigorate the effort to increase and strengthen the Jewish community of our eternally desirable Land. This must be accompanied by the sanctity of the flame of Hashem, the light of Israel. I hope to stand by your side concerning all the details of your plans.

It is worthwhile to buy vineyards that are already planted in the area surrounding the holy city (ed. note - perhaps Rav Kook means Yerushalayim, or perhaps Yafo, which he also refers to as a holy city, and was more developed agriculturally). We may be able to bring righteous people together and make a winery of strictly kosher wine from the Holy Land, which would enable planting new vineyards and buying important sections of land. Concerning other elements of settling the Holy Land, there are many opportunities before holy tzaddikim in our nation to do great things.

You are fortunate to have been chosen by Divine Providence, based on various things that have transpired, including the hardships that are meant for the righteous, to be an agent for important building and glorification of the Land. I hope that the merit of Eretz Yisrael will provide you with a holy crown, eternity, and grandeur for the head of a righteous man such as you. May you be elevated by the divine source of blessings and the fragrance of blessing, honor, and life. May you and all who are close to you and who you teach knowledge of Hashem, bask in light, happiness, and closeness to the true, eternal G-d.

We thank Hashem for all the good we have received. May the merit of Eretz Yisrael, the Torah, and service of the G-d of our forefathers, the great leaders of Israel, stand by us, so that we will merit enjoying Hashem’s goodness in the land of life and special spiritual light.

Our nation’s situation in the Holy Land is increasingly positive. We see clearly the coming of the time of divine good will. The once desolate land is being built. The holy city of Jerusalem is becoming more beautiful as Jewish communities are being built and Jews visit and inquire about its wellbeing. The "buds of the fruit" can be seen in the land (see Shir Hashirim 2:12). We need to awaken the power of the holy light, internally and externally, to bring more of Hashem’s beloved nation to His Desired Land. The nation’s sanctity lights up the hills like the rising sun, as the glow of the beautiful land shines on the people and hastens the nation’s time of consolation and mercy that was until recently missing. Instead of not being seen as His nation, they will be called the sons of the living G-d (see Hoshea 2:1). The time has come for all of Hashem’s servants to comfort Israel, bringing joy to the distressed by consoling Zion and starting the liberation, which is revealed when the Land is built.

May Hashem enable my illustrious friend to establish a lovely place in Zion, which will take its part among steps that glorify the holy mountains and make the Land eternally prominent, as the prophet foretold, "The watchman says, ‘Morning is coming’" (Yeshayahu 21:12).
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