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The Masked Missionary - What Do We Do Now?!


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Iyar 17 5781
As you may have read, a shocking tale unfolded this week in Yerushalayim: a man who acted as a Rabbi, a Sofer, a Mohel and a Kohen was found to (allegedly) be a non-Jew, who came to Israel to missionize Jews to Christianity. If true, what, now, must be done to "undo" the religious ceremonies he performed? The boys upon whom he performed a circumcision must have "tipat dam brit," a small drop of blood drawn from the area of the brit. Any couples he married must go through the ceremony again; the same applies to any Pidyon Ha-Ben at which he served as the "Kohen." The Tefilin & Mezuzot he wrote are invalid & must be replaced with kosher ones. As for his wife, who passed away & was buried in a Jewish cemetery, it is not absolutely required that she be re-interred in a non-Jewish cemetery; a divider may be placed around her grave, separating it from the other graves. And while it certainly is valid to financially assist both Jews & non-Jews, because money for the family was raised under false pretenses, those funds should be returned to the donors, if at all possible.
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