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Sheva Bayom Hilaltikha – 7 times a day I praise You [O’ Lord]

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Psalm 119:164:
Seven times a day do I praise You [G-d], due to Your righteous ordinances.

What is the meaning of this?

In the morning; one recites two blessings before the Shema, and one after it = 3 benedictions

In the evening; on recites two before it and two after it = 4 benedictions

3 + 4 = 7 praises/blessings

Divrei Hayamim Chronicles I, chapter 29:11:
Yours, O Lord, are 1/ the greatness, 2/ and the might, 3/ and the glory, 4/ and the victory, 5/ and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and on the earth [is Yours]; 6/ Yours is the kingdom and [You are He] Who is 7/ exalted over everything as the Leader.

The 7 expressions of exaltation above correspond to the 7 / 10 Sefirot (divine channels or attributes in the divine/Kabbalistic tree of life) as follows:

1/ Greatness / Chessed – loving kindness (Abraham, our forefather)

2/ Might / Discipline / Judgement – Din / Gevura (Isaac, our forefather)

3/ Glory / Truth - Tiferet (Jacob or Israel, our forefather)

4/ Victory / Eternity - Netzach (Moses, our victorious leader)

5/ Majesty / Priesthood – Hod (Aaron, the priest)

6/ Kingdom / Divine Presence – Malkhut / Shekhina (David, the king / Kingdom of the messiah)

7/ Exaltation – Yesod (Joseph, who was exalted over his brothers)

Alternatively, attribute 7/ Yesod - embraces all the remaining 3 attributes of Keter (Crown), Chokhma (Knowledge / Wisdom), and Bina (understanding).


King David and our sages fixed our prayers with Ruach Hakodesh (divine inspiration), and there is nothing by coincidence in Judaism – it all fits together in a divine jigsaw puzzle.

Rabbi Avraham (Abe) Abrahami
Rabbi Dr Abe Abrahami is a multi-discipline professional lecturer who travels the world. He teaches mystical Judaism, Torah and medicine, stress management, energy, finance, business ethics and much more. Author of several books and award winner.
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