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An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parsha Summary: Kedoshim


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

The Torah characterizes Am Yisrael as a holy nation, & advises us as to how to attain that Kedusha.

The following are prohibited: Idolatry; theft & robbery; false oaths; retention of another's property; delaying payment to an employee; hating or cursing a fellow Jew (even the deaf!); gossip; perversion of justice; inaction when others are at risk; embarrassing another; taking revenge; bearing a grudge; crossbreeding; wearing shatnez (wool & linen together); harvesting a tree in its first 3 years (orlah); gluttony & intoxication; witchcraft, tattooing.

Positive Mitzvot include: Respect for parents & the elderly; sharing our harvest with the poor; lovingothers (especially a convert); respect for
Rabbis; assisting the blind & deaf. We are warned not to imitate non-Jewish behavior, lest we lose the land of Israel. We must observe laws of kashrut and, in general, maintain our unique & separate status.
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