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Sanskrit Terminology


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

3 Av 5763
I have recently began learning an alternative healing technique called "BodyTalk." I am concerned because they sometimes use Sanskrit terminology when trying to explain a concept. To my knowledge, they do not use Sanskrit formations of words as I understand is done in Reiki. I wonder if this is a problem? I would appreciate a response, as where I live there really is no one who is well versed enough in energetic/alternative medicine to tell me definitively if there is an issue here. I also note that my husband told me that in the Mishna Brura, the Chofetz Chaim states something to the effect that using medical practices of Akum for medicinal purposes is not a problem. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.
The language is not a problem; the content may be, no matter what language is used. Try to determine the exact meaning of the words and even more important ascertain if the technique is based on physiological principles or on beliefs rooted in idolatry.
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