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Trusting God with nowadays troubles


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

14 Shevat 5763
I have been young, and I have grown old, and I have seen the children of the righteous go hungry, and the infants of the righteous have their brains bashed against the wall . Why should I trust in God? Please give me an answer.
The issue of righteous people who live difficult lives and the wicked who prosper is not something new and was addressed by the prophets. It is, however, too large and serious a topic to write about “on one foot”. The parameters of our understanding are that G-d does not perform injustice; that he is omniscient and omnipotent; that His wisdom is not totally comprehensible to us but that we do have insights- that G-d revealed to us through the prophets- as to the avenues of Divine justice. If you are interested in studying more about the subject, let me know and I’ll try to refer you to serious texts that deal with it.
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