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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 16, 5776
Rabbi, My Great-Grandmother’s maiden surname was Halfin. I know that names such as,Halpern, Heilprin and Halperin may be of Dovid Hamelech decent. Asking a previous Rabbi if Halfin may be related just a misspelling of these names,he answered very possible. Do you agree? He said to be it must be a "Great feeling" to know you may be of Dovid Hamelech decent. It is,Rabbi. Thank you in advance, Jeff Goldstein
ב"ה Shalom, I feel this is not so much of a question for a rabbi, but rather a genealogist. I read that Halpern (is a Jewish surname derived from the German town of Heilbronn in Baden –Wurttemburg where Jews have lived since the 11th century. There are many variants to the name Halpern, so Halfin indeed may be one of those variants. It is indeed exciting to discover being a descendant of a great person. But even if some scholar proves you wrong, ultimately we are all descendants of our great forefather Abraham. All the best and Shanna tova.
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