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Rabbi David Sperling

Tevet 3, 5775
I reside in NYC and will hear the megillah on the 14th. I will travel and be in Jerusalem on the 15th. Am I obligated to hear the megillah a 2nd time Much obliged Moshe
Shalom, Thank you for your question – great to see you planning ahead! It will depend on when you arrive in Jerusalem. If you get to Jerusalem before sunrise of the 15th, then you will be obligated to celebrate Purim again on the 15th (which includes hearing the Megillah both on the night and the morning – you may have to hear the night Megillah on the airplane). However, if you arrive in Jerusalem after sunrise, which I assume will be the case (the midnight flight from NYC arrives in Israel on the following afternoon – well after sunrise!) you do not celebrate Purim again. Of course, we can invite you over for a L'Haim and to be happy with us, but you will not be obligated in an of the mitzvoth of Purim a second time. Blessings.
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