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Washing Twice


Various Rabbis

22 Sivan 5765
Sometimes one goes to the bathroom, and when he exits he needs to wash his hands for two reasons, one is because he just left the bathroom, the other is that he is about to eat bread. Is washing once enough?
Some Poskim say he should wash twice. The reason being, that if he washes once, he needs to say two Brachot, "Asher Yatzar" for being in the bathroom, and "Al Netilat Yadaim" for eating bread. Right after washing he can't say the "Asher Yatzar" since it is forbidden to have any interrpution between washing and the "Al Netilat Yadaim" Bracha, and after he dries his hands he can't say "Asher Yatzar" since there can be no interruption between washing and saying "Hamotzi" on the bread. It isn't appropriate to delay the Bracha until he begins to eat because the Mitzva is to say it right after coming out of the bathroom. So he should wash without a Kli (utensil), so it isn't valid as washing for a meal, and say "Asher Yatzar". Then he can wash with a Kli, and say "Al Netilat Yadaim". The Shulchan Aruch holds this opinion (OC 165:1). Some Poskim say that washing once from a Kli is enough, first say "Al Netilat Yadaim", and after drying his hands say "Asher Yatzar", then say the Bracha on the bread, and start the meal. According to this opinion saying "Asher Yatzar" is not an interruption between washing and the meal. It is understood from the Mishna Brura (ibid 2) that one may rely on these opinions. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
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