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Most righteous man according to Judaism?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 17, 5774
Who among the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve made in the image of God is the most righteous according to Judaism? Christians' say it’s Jesus, while Muslims say Muhammad. We know that God is perfect but if you were to have a human person who is most righteous who would that person be in Jewish history? In other words who is the godliest person that ever walked the Earth?
Jewish tradition says Moshe (Moses) was the greatest man ever. His humility, altruism and love of Israel entitled him to achieve and receive the highest level of prophecy [the Torah (Pentateuch), which is higher than the Prophets] and G-dliness. On the other hand, in that very Torah we read that even Moshe, like all people, made mistakes. Accordingly, we don’t worship or idolize him or any other human being, keeping us all in proportion, as opposed to G-d, who is Perfect. With Love of Israel
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