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Heating in oven with a special Shabat mode


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar II 16, 5774
Dear Rabbi Shvat, I have got an oven with a special Shabat mode, that works without the fans, lights etc. The oven is set on Shabat mode before Shabat and switches off automatically 25 hours later. I cover the racks with aluminium foil so that they look like a blech. The oven keeps the food much better than a blech because there is gentle heat all around the pots. I put everything into the oven before Shabat and only take out what is needed. There is no need to re-heat any food. Thank you. Kind regards, Jessica
Thank you for your question and interest. Firstly, please check in the manufacturer's booklet whether the “Shabbat mode” also neutralizes the thermostat. If the thermostat is neutralized, and you place the food inside before Shabbat, than you can open and close again and again, removing the food as desired throughout Shabbat. But if the thermostat is not neutralized, then many rabbis allow you to take out all of the food at one time, but in this case you can’t leave some of the food inside to be taken out later (for when one opens the oven and cold air comes in, it immediately activates the heating element to keep the temperature constant, and this is prohibited if you benefit from that heat regarding the food which you left inside the oven). In addition, you should cover or tape the buttons or knobs which are used to activate the electricity of the oven, so that you don’t forget and by habit, accidentally change the settings. With blessings to enjoy a beautiful and restful Shabbat! Rabbi Ari Shvat
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