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Gas Oven warming on SHabbat


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 11, 5774
Hello Rabbi, Can I warm up my food for SHabbos in my gas oven which I leave on till the end of Shabbos? I have a liner on the shelf and place the pot on it,but did not know if this was approperate. Sometimes it is good with gravy or soup with chicken, mostly gravy. Thank you, Jacqueline
Shalom! Firstly, allow me to admire your interest in following the Jewish laws and traditions regarding the beautiful Shabbos! In general, there are many details regarding warming up food on Shabbos which are difficult to summarize briefly. One is not allowed to warm up food in an oven for Shabbos, even if the oven was left on beforehand. The easiest suggestion is to buy a Shabbos hotplate, preferably without dials which raise or lower the temperature (I’m answering you immediately, so that you will have time to get one before Shabbat!- ask any of your religious friends where to buy one, they aren’t expensive at all). Even then, there are differences if you place the food before Shabbat (then, even soup and gravy is fine), as opposed to on Shabbat itself (where, in general, most don’t warm up liquids). With blessings to enjoy a beautiful Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom!
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