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Purim and descendants of Jews who are non-Jews


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar II 19, 5774
Dear Rabbi, in the book of Ester, 9,28 it says at the end "... viYamei haPurim haEle lo yaavru mitoch haYehudim veSichram lo yasuf miSar’am" Does "lo yasauf miSar’am" also refer to descendants of Jews who are halachically non-Jews (for example the child of a Jew and a non-Jewish woman)? Would they also be charged to remember the days of Purim? Would the non-Jewish persons lineage matter, meaning, would there be a difference if the persons paternal grandfather was Jewish or if the persons maternal grandfather was Jewish? (I’m asking concerning a person whose maternal grandfather was Jewish) Thank you very much in advance!!! It is highly appreciated! Purim Sameach! PS The person in question (the non-Jew) actually remembers Purim (also this Purim)
I must apologize, but this question was brought to my attention only after Purim. The main purpose of this verse as explained in our oral tradition, is to teach us that Purim is an everlasting holiday and will never be annulled. As in every other mitzvah, only those who are halachically defined as Jews are required to fulfil them. Shabbat Shalom
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