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Organo gold


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tevet 1, 5774
We were recently introduced to Organo gold coffee. It says it is fully kosher certified ( as seen on the box and on the pamphlet) BUT when you read the ingredients you can find powdered milk and milk derivatives but there is no O/U d on the box. I tried reaching O/U and no answer. Is there a way for you to verify? Kindest regards S. M, Cohen
Happy Chanuka. I did not see the mentioned product on the OU certified product list. The OU o has a kosher hotline at 212-563-4000. They are also available by mail and facebook. However, if it is not OU certified you must turn with your question to the organization which gave the kosher certification. The OU will not be able to answer about products which are not under their supervision. Until you receive a clear answer from a reputable kosher organization about the product, it would be the right thing to refrain from drinking.
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