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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 8, 5782
Hello, is the Rabbi able to bring a logic to why shipping wouldn’t reset Orlah?
ב"ה Shalom As referred to, in the answer of Rabbi Kirsh, Rav Wozner zt"l in Shevet Halevi 5:156:3-4, raises the concern that even a tree which started in "Atzitz Nakuv" a perforated flowerpot whose Orlah countdown has begun, perhaps while transferring it a vehicle where the plant loses connection with the ground, the count may have to start over again. Therefore to avoid such an issue, he suggested to have the flowerpot transported in a way which the flowerpot does not lose its connection to the ground. Rav Wozner zt"l added that we are not concerned that the road is paved since it is all part of the ground. However, there are reasons not to be concerned with the transferring of the trees. Normally, the tree are kept in a nursery in soil in perforated bags on the ground. If there is enough soil in the bags, form which the trees can sustain themselves at least two weeks, the tree remains in the same status as far as Orla is concerned regardless of the temporary lack of connection from the ground. In addition, the disconnection from the ground is only for a short time. (See Hilchot Ha'aretz, of Rav Yoel Friedman , of the Toran and Land Institute, 6:10 and references there הגרצ"פ פרנק, שו"ת הר צבי ב, סי' יד (עמ' לב); חזון איש, ערלה סי' ב ס"ק יג, דיני ערלה ס"ק לב; הגרש"ז אויערבאך, מנחת שלמה ח"א, עמ' תד-תה; הגר"ש ישראלי, ברקאי א, עמ' 90; התורה והארץ א, עמ' 241-236. See also Pninei Halacha Kashrut Vol. 1, chapter 2 and references; הרב ישראלי בחוות בנימין א, א; מנח"ש ח"ג קנח, יט; א, ע, משפטי ארץ ג, ט, 7). All the best
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