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Paperclips on Shabbat and other question


Rabbi David Sperling

Kislev 14, 5782
Hi there, I have a few…I guess miscellaneous questions…is that ok? The first one is, I hope this isn’t a silly one, are we allowed to use a bookmark to mark a place in a book on Shabbat? And are there only certain ways in which we are allowed to do so? For example if it is allowed, is using a paper clip to mark a book not allowed because some people use it as office supplies and therefore it might be under muktzeh? (this would be a real shame as I live in a very small home and have a tiny box for bookmarks and was really hoping to use paperclips with ribbons tied to them for reading purposes) Are we allowed to “dog ear” a book (not a holy book of course) or is that not allowed as it often leaves permanent creases in the paper which might not be allowed during Shabbat to crease paper? I also have magnetic bookmarks that drop in on the page and have a flap on each side of the page, “hugging” it, and stick to each other through the page to mark the spot in the book, not sure again if there would be a Shabbat issue… My second question is, my father and us live on a business property as he is an employee there and we get to live as staff. While walking outside on the large grounds (of this business) I found a dime and kept it. Afterwards, I realized that this isn’t the regular street or park, while this large outside space, feeling like a park, is actually a private business property. It feels causal as I live here so it’s like it’s my backyard, but technically this is a business property. What should I do? Does that mean I technically “stole” the dime from the business property since everything on the property may belong to the business (besides the guests cars of course)? It was just on the ground near a beach viewing chair, so I’m guessing a guest might have dropped it while getting up from the chair. I think the office may find it silly if I drop in there to bring in a dime, but I’m willing to do whatever as I don’t want to have any “thievery” against me from any point in Halacha. But of course if it is not necessary for me to explain to them why I’m bothering them for a dime, I’d rather not do it. I thought to just casually slip into the office and drop it on somebody’s work desk, but 1. With COVID 19 they keep an eye on each person coming in very carefully. It’s not like I’m not allowed to be there, I am, but I would need to explain my reason for coming in as they want few people in there as possible (theres also a capacity and a time limit for on site staff to be in the office/lobby) And 2. If I can manage to discreetly drop it on somebody’s desk, said employee may keep it anyway, that doesn’t promise it will go in the cash save of the office… But like I said, coming in there and attempting to make this weird thing look casual is something I’m willing to at least try if from Halacha it is very important. Thank you so much for your help,
Shalom, Thank you for your questions. 1. Both paper clip and dog-earing are allowed on Shabbat. 2. It is possible that the dime does belong to the company, as their property acquires automatically things that are made ownerless there. You could place the dime back on the ground where you found it. Blessings.
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