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gentile love HaShem


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 18, 5782
Thank you for the answer,I want to ask if I keep the noahide laws can I get really close to HaShem?I know I cant keep Sabbath thats for jews,I dont want to worship the god of Christians,I m just looking for the real God the God of Israel but I dont have anybody to talk or to get teach by someone is anyone of the Rabbi or which will like to talk with or to advice me when they have time?
Shalom, Thank you for writing to us again. According to Judaism, every person, Jew or non Jew, can, and should, get close to Hashem. Each one according to the path that Hashem sets out for them – Jews through the 613 mitzvot, and non Jews through the particular path of the Noachide laws. There are international organizations (under the guidance of Rabbis) that can offer you classes and advice as to how to grow in your connection to Hashem. You might want to contact the They provide much resource material, and will lead you to the next step on your journey. Many blessings.
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