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Mezuzah in Half Jewish household


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 9, 5782
Hello! My partner and I are planning to move in with each other. He is Jewish and I am not. Would it be inappropriate to have a mezuzah outside of our home? Im not sure how my not being Jewish impacts things in this scenario. I know in mixed religion dorms you can opt to put one outside of your own door, but as we share a room the confusion is still present. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Without a doubt your Jewish partner should put up a mezuzah on the doorpost(s) of the home. Because they are Jewish, they should try to do as many “mitzvot” (commands) as they can – mezuzah, shabbat, tefillin, charity, etc. The fact that he is living with a non-Jew does not in any way lessen his obligations as a Jew. (However, you should be aware that because you are not Jewish, he should be the one to attach the mezuzah and say the blessing, and not you). It is wonderful to see your concern and connection to your partners’ spiritual life. May you be blessed also to find holiness and meaning in your own life. As you both (please G-d) grow in your connections to your faiths, you will have many more questions and issues that will arise. Those issues are important, and not simple at all. At some point your partner may want to turn (in person) to a Rabbi, and look for ways to strengthen his Judaism. Until then, feel free to be in touch. Blessings.
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