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Gentile love HaShem


Rabbi David Sperling

Cheshvan 6, 5782
Shalom,I m a gentile which in the last few months I feel a huge love for HaShem and Tanach,Torah,Talmud, everything which is jewish wisdom, I m from Romania but since child I feel a love and a call to God,can I ask you why this?why I gave up on Christianity and follow the real God(HaShem)?thank you.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. First of all, let me express to you how much it means to the Jewish people to hear your words of love for all things Jewish. Whenever we learn of people around the world finding a love and respect for Judaism, it means to us that G-d’s light is shining that much brighter. Thank you. As to why you feel this – I cannot say. Sometimes a person is blessed with Devine assistance to be able to see a greater truth. Sometimes it comes about because of some special merit you have. One can not really ever know. The main thing is what to do with such a love? May you be blessed to increase peace and understanding in the world, and help fight antisemitism. Blessings.
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