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Women Dancing with a Sefer torah


Various Rabbis

19 Kislev 5765
Is it forbidden for women to dance with a Sefer Torah?
There is a Minhag for women not to touch a Sefer Torah when they are not pure. But the problem is deeper. On one hand women learn Torah today and they also want to rejoice with the Torah. On the other hand the only way they know to do that is how the men do it. However, also men don't have to do it with the Sefer Torah - there are Yeshivot and Sepharadi communities where there is no dancing with the Sefer Torah. By the way, the Sifrei Torah are heavy and are sometimes damaged from the dancing. Why should women take this way of rejoicing, which has no source? Why not be original and creative and find their own way to rejoice with the Torah, with their Divrei Torah and their Simcha? Rabbi Yaakov Ariel
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